How to cook like a chef?

Watching a chef on a TV show is a joy for everyone who likes cooking, if you are into cooking so much, you would always wonder how chefs could do such a work making great results every time they present a recipe.


Cooking like a chef is a great way to serve a remarkable, well prepared, and tasty food.

To cook like a chef; it requires a lot of effort and learning, as we only see the advanced level and the final result of an expert doing his / her work with his / her familiar tools, to serve us a great dish, with an awesome view and delicious taste.

Let us check together on some facts, which are required for your journey to become a remarkable chef:

  • Being organized:

Try as much as possible to stay organized when you cook, organizing gives you an advanced step in your processes, and it will saves you much time, and give you an obvious vision on your work.

Have you ever watched a chef telling his / her audience on a recipe?

You will see the kitchen tools prepared on the table, the ingredients are prepared too as well, they are well organized, and you can make yourself and your kitchen organized as well.

  • Attention to details:

This could happen while eating your cooked food:

Too much salt for this dish? No, this should taste differently!

And this food requires additional pepper!

What should you do?

Pay attention to details, the effect of one cup of brown flour is not the same as white flour.

Always stick to the recipe, and the right ingredient, know your measures as well, for example; liquids can be measured, but dry materials is to be weighted.

  • Know your right tools:

Prepare your kitchen well, have a god set of knifes, bowls, a good oven, the right materials pots, and so goes on.

Assign every tool to its usage, know more information how a kitchen tool can be efficiently works.

A good chef knows how to use his / her simplest tools to make great results.

  • Have an idol:

Actually watching a cooking TV show is a great asset for you to learn about chefs` attitudes and behaviors, it is a powerful learning resource for you on all aspects, so if you really want to act like a chef, then follow-up with your favorite chef show, whether it is on TV or YouTube.

Observe his / her moves, style, and actions; by all means imitate him at first, and then you would have your own signature one day.

  • Follow the orders, and then make them!

You are already on your first steps of your learning journey, and you are getting confused.

OK, here is an awesome rule about being good at something; learn, understand, and then apply.

Search for recipes, understand them as well, and follow them exactly, by doing so you are getting much information and knowledge, which will make you one day the maker of your own recipe.

  • Do not stop trying:

It maybe take a respectful amount of time to be a good chef, and that requires many efforts, you will encounter failures as well, do not stop, it is OK to embrace failure, because you will learn something from it!

Try again and again, until you success, and never stop learning and trying new things, cooking well requires creativity, and much preparing, always tend to start and try a new recipe with your own ingredients.

And here comes the fun:

We have decided to add some fun and enthusiasm to our article, and that is by giving you 4 recommended movies to watch on the topic of cooking, and to give you some positive life morality on your learning journey: