How to be organized in the kitchen when you have kids

Having kids is a great responsibility, especially when they are on their early ages.

Taking good care of a child would cost you a lot of efforts, but this is worthy considering children are a life joy for every family and parent.

Children love to stay with their parents everywhere, especially when a parent is cooking food, some of them like to have a role in cooking as well!

You do not have to worry about that, when your child acts this way, that determine your child is intelligent one, intelligence produces curiosity, so a child always tend to imitate surrounding grown-up.

Children making biscuits --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Some parents do not like the presence of a child within a kitchen, as they would be confused between supervising the child and doing the kitchen work.

If your child presence is inevitable, you ought to make sure of some procedures, to make you and your child comfortable around each other, while doing kitchen work.

  • Safety:

A child role in the kitchen must always be supervised, because of the existence of some tools which can harm a child, so you ought to teach your child about safety first, before engaging him on any kitchen work, so if your child is an early age kid; you ought to teach him about the benefits and the harms of kitchen tools such as knifes, cookers, and ovens ant the proper age to use them, remember that your child is more intelligent than you thin, a proper discussion is the right solution to give these advises.

  • Participation:

Your child is an active one and he would not remain silent! That is fine and good for you more than you think!

Determine some small tasks which are suitable for your child such as; washing dishes, preparing table, bringing small materials from stock locker or refrigerator, supervising the timings of food cooking, drying and cleaning silverware. And if your child is old enough you could let him make salad, or small appetizers, by giving and teaching him the right recipe.

  • Cooking with kids:

Also cooking with your child could be a real fun, there are some easy and awesome recipes for you to make with your child, a simple shaped sandwiches or home made cookies are great recipes, we have gathered for you some videos to guide you on that matter:

If you discovered that your child wants more than participation in the kitchen; then maybe you have a future talented cooker within your kitchen. As we live in the modern world, many manufacturers provide some children custom cooking tools, those sets are safe and can help your children spend their time playing and learning about cooking on the same time, these sets are available on many online stores all over the Internet.